May 16
4pm - 7pm

Rockcake + Bounty Hunters

All Star Rock Show
Members of Hush, TMG & Divinyls come together in a new outfit ‘Rockcake’ with special guests Bounty Hunters
Performing classic rock and blues at The Bridge Hotel’s Sunday afternoon Session ‘Sunday Social’
Steve Mulry (TMG)
Rick Lum (Hush)
Richard Harvey (Divinyls)
Claude Poffandi (Blow)
With special guests – BOUNTY HUNTERS
Bounty Hunters Band are a 3 piece, award winning Australian blues/rock band playing originals and covers. Members are: Lyn Hinds – bass & lead vocals, David Hinds – guitar & vocals, Mick O’Shea – drums and vocals.
The Bridge is a Covid Safe venue. Please take directions of staff & remember to social distance. A Service NSW QR sign in will be required upon entry.