June 11

Love Child

With a large, loyal & local following, Love Child are ready to rock!
Steeped in their foundations of Transatlantic rock from the 70’s and 80’s, Sydney-based band Love Child is back and ready to unleash a night to remember at The Bridge!
With a mixture of iconic favourites and their funky originals, Love Child serves up a rich soup of urban soul, rock & blues. From tried-and-true crowd pleasers to their gritty originals; from the gravelly perfection of Steve Hancock’s vocals & the formidable talents of Dennis Val on lead guitar; to the smoking-hot rhythm section with Garry Daglish on bass & James Pool on drums, Love Child is having a blast up on stage and letting it show.
“Love Child is a class act. Outstanding performers” – Australian Blues & Roots Festival.
“Love Child are a smoking-hot twist on Aussie pub rock and regulars at the top of our indie music charts.” Steven Jones, Australian Radio Indie.
Check out their latest single “Punching Bag” here. https://youtu.be/T6F1AWiJ9rM
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