October 8

Instant Karma

Tribute to John Lennon
A tribute to John Lennon’s early years with The Beatles & post break-up with Marc Da Kosta & all star band.
Marc hit the TV screens on Australian Idol way back in 2007 as he progressed to the top 12 that season with the likes of local mega stars Matt Corby & Natalie Gauci, who was the eventual winner of season 5.
Marc sang some classic tunes on idol that season like “Whole lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin & “High Voltage” by AC/DC. In his skinny tight black jeans Marc gave the audience performances that forced them onto their feet to dance which led to many in the betting world predicting a win for Marc that season. But it wasn’t to be and like so many others before him, he found himself scratching his head and working out life’s biggest question “What’s the meaning of life”? Now in his more mature years Marc is a seasoned performer and ready to deliver his first ticketed show called “INSTANT KARMA” a celebration and tribute to his favourite artist of all time, the late John Lennon.
oin Marc at The Bridge Hotel on the 8th of October 2021 and the eve of Lennon’s birthday where he would have turned 82, for an evening of songs written and performed by Lennon in the early years with The Beatles, and post break up of The Beatles during his short but incredible solo career.
Marc will be joined on stage by local Australian guitar legend Peter Northcote, Drummer to the stars Fab Omodei & Bass to the Rock Gods Sir Bobby Poulton.
The Bridge is a Covid Safe venue. Please take directions of staff & remember to social distance. A Service NSW QR sign in will be required upon entry.