February 4

Cricket the Musical

Denis Carnahan


The man behind the cult hit comedy show ​Rugby League The Musical,​ turns his satirical spin on Australia’s summer obsession in his brand new show: ​Cricket – The Musical!

Produced and performed by Australia’s hardest working Musical Sports Satirist, Denis Carnahan, ​Cricket – The Musical​ investigates the game’s history, treachery, villainy, facial hair, and illegal abrasives.

His songs about Stuart Broad’s sportsmanship, MCC selection policies, and Mitchell Johnson’s moustache have had over a million hits on YouTube. Now he’s bringing them to life on stage, along with songs, sketches and caricatures celebrating the many controversies of this summer’s matches.

Cricket – The Musical’s​ maiden season starts at The Bridge Hotel, Rozelle, every Monday in February 2019.