April 10

Craig Calhoun

Craig Calhoun and the Brothers of Oz are legends in Sydney
They’re renowned as a band whose energy, “groove”, and stage presence trigger enormous reactions in both their loyal and enthusiastic fans and those new to the Brothers phenomena.
Founder Craig Calhoun, who is known as Sydney’s “King of Funk Bass,” runs through the audience with his wireless bass guitar, breaking the invisible barrier and inviting them to join in and become one with “the groove.” Craig, who hails from the USA, brings his musical heritage to his audiences along with his fellow musicians, the Brothers of Oz, Chris Kamzelas on Guitar & Rex Goh on Guitar.
Join Craig, Chris & Rex for a special Saturday night ‘FUNKSIGHTING’ at The Bridge Hotel.
The Bridge is a Covid Safe venue. Please take directions of staff & remember to social distance. A Service NSW QR sign in will be required upon entry.