February 6

Boom Crash Opera

Kick it Out
BCO’s ‘Kick It Out Live’ tour will finally come to life in 2021. Dale and the boys will perform 2 sets from their vast catalogue of songs in both electric and acoustic mode at a selection of venues around Oz.
Planning to delve deep into the annals of the BCO back catalogue… playfully referred to by the band as ‘digging into the crate’ to work up obscurities and deep album cuts for the fans.
Don’t just expect the likes of ‘Onion Skin’, ‘Dancing In the Storm’, ‘Get Out of the House’ and ‘Best Thing’.
BCO have 5 original studio albums to chose from…. ‘Boom Crash Opera’ (1987), ‘These Here Are Crazy Times’ (1989), ‘Fabulous Beast’ (1993), ‘Born’ (1995) & ‘Gizmo Mantra’ (1997), as well as their acclaimed acoustic album ‘Dancing In the Storm’ (2009).
Fans can expect to be treated to a smorgasbord of BCO gems and rarities…
The Bridge is Covid Safe Venue. A Service NSW QR code sign in will be required upon entry. Please respectfully take directions of staff.